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For that minority of you who can't get enough of all things ReCollyvornia, this site is serving as a group blog today (including this disturbing tale of a female voter being forced to take off her shirt). Also, the umbrella site BlogCritics has an eclectic variety of links, including a post making the inevitable observation:

Arnold's failure to have publicly explained and proved his whereabouts on November 22, 1963 is sufficient to prove his involvement in the JFK assassination to anyone who isn't too stupid to believe it.


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  1. Thanks Matt! how are you, what’s happening, hope you guys are well.

  2. A female voter being forced to take off her shirt? I didn’t know Arnold was going to be at the polls personally.

  3. Our soon-to-be Governor Adolph Gropengangbanger has been present at any number of world-historic transition points. A little-known factoid is that it was in fact the penis of Arnold that was used to widen JFK’s head wound, not (as has widely been reported) that of Lyndon Johnson, Arnold having been brought in as a deep penetration agent for just these kinds of muscular tasks.

  4. “disturbing tale” – LOL, I think there might be a bit of sarcasm there… (I hope!)

  5. In re the voter being forced to remove her shirt, I don’t know what California’s laws are, but in Colorado wearing a campaign shirt is definitely considered electioneering. (Whether that *should* be the case is another matter, obviously.)

  6. Electioneering could be one of the stupidest words ever.

  7. What in the world does an electioneer do?

  8. In this case, she took off her shirt.

    Arnold will probably want to review the evidence in person.

  9. It’s not clear that the writer of Calblog was forced to remove her shirt. In the post she says she was asked to remove her shirt. No where in the “Harrasing Poll Workers” post on Calblog does it say she actually took off her shirt.

    The post went from poll worker insisting she take off her shirt to her wrapping a blanket around her, and voting while crying.

    No where was it mentioned that she put her shirt back on after being forced to remove it.

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