40,000 Strong


Sometime last night, comments on Hit & Run broke the 40,000 barrier. Thanks to all readers for helping to make this blog a success.

FYI, since we opened up for business in December 2002, Reason staffers have posted 2,955 entries (including this one).


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  1. StMack gets my vote. Does this guy ever do a post without linking to his own blog. The blog is interesting and readable even occassionally quite good, but enough already we know where you are.

  2. D Lusional,

    I link to Hold the Mayo if the H&R topic happens to align with something I’ve already written about. I didn’t think anyone would find that bothersome. Least of all someone who apparently doesn’t hate what they’ve read on my blog.

    Anyway, thanks for the vote – and the link!

  3. I vote for everyone who has ever used the term, “strawman”.

  4. ..I guess that includes me now….

  5. I vote for anyone who’s ever been effete and pretentious enough to use “[sic]” in a web post.

  6. Using the term “strawman” is okay — IF you explain WHY you used it!!

  7. I guess Jean Bart, joe, Kevin Carson, Lazarus Long, and the other ‘nom du Reason’ are just waiting for someone to nominate them.


  8. If you just eliminated Thoreau, there would only be 20,000 coments

  9. I guess Jean Bart, joe, Kevin carson, Lazarus Long and the many other ‘nom du reason’ posters are waiting with baited breath to be nominated.


  10. I am not annoying, and do not expect to be nominated. 🙂

  11. Congratulations,and I have enjoyed being among the 40,000.You should also be commended for having writers who will not only back up what they write,but will get down in the trenches with readers and debate.

  12. I am so going to win this.

  13. “Let’s not start sucking each others’ d**** yet, gentlemen.”

  14. VOTE: Most annoying poster — and list why.

  15. Thoreau.

    OK, I can take the insightful political discussion, sound understanding of political theory, and quick reposnses with wit and clarity.

    But this morning it turns out you’re in gradute physics too!

    I don’t think it’s fair to debate with a server in the basement of the Cato Institute which has acheived sentience!!!!

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