Down to the (High) Wire


As the recall staggers to the finish line, more evidence is stacking up that regular Hit&Run commenter Warren has consistently provided the best political analysis: "Doot doot doodle doo de doot doot doo doot." Other highlights from the weekend include Daniel Weintraub's surrealist woman in red story, and Mickey Kaus' just-about-believable conspiracy theory about Arnold's long-term planning.

NEXT: String Band, Fancy Costumes On the Air

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  1. Bravo Warren! They should play that music at the next inauguration.

  2. I’m not quite getting the melody line…

  3. I think it’s the Circus Theme, formally titled “Entry of the Gladiators.”

    Midi version here (scroll down to Entry of the Gladiators.)

  4. I think the theme to Final Jeapordy would be more approprite!

  5. Jeopardy features three SMART people.

  6. Maybe the SNL “Celebrity Jeopardy” then.

    “And in this category, ‘New Power Plant Construction’ for 200. The answer is always ‘New Power Plant Construction’. I’ll even accept the answer ‘That thing you just said.’ Gray Davis?”

    “Enron cheated me!! And Arnie fondled women!”


    “Mr. Schwarzenegger?”

    “I am going to be the Terminator of the budget mess for the people of the Califoria.”


    “Mr. Bustamente?”

    “I even make radical Latino movements look boring.”


  7. I’d like to thank the accamy and all the little people that made this possible. As a juggler I’d also like to add that the Circus arts are drasticly underrepresented on the political stage. In conclusion I’d also like to add that I’m glad this isn’t the NYT or anything caus I totaly plagerized that “doot doot” line from a previous poster

    BTW there should be a T-shirt or something in this for me }:oD

  8. Dang! In all the excitement I posted prior to running the spell checker. I just hope they don’t take back the award on account of me being exposed as an illiterate.

  9. Best line from a recall commercial:
    “Every man should vote no on the recall”

    Best recall joke:
    Conan Obrien: [paraphrase] Arnold has only made one promise for what he will do as governor… [cut to Terminator 2 clip] Schwarzenegger: “I swear I will not kill anyone.”

    Best joke from a candidate:
    After someone egged him, Arnold: “That guy owes me some bacon.”

    Doot doot doodle doo de doot doot doo doot

  10. hey warren!!

    now that you’re big time, try to remember the children and the terrorists. and which civil liberties are to be eliminated for which group.



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