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Some proposed photos of the year, a little heavy on the cuddly animals, as pointed out by Tyler Cowen.

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  1. Some of us dearly love “cuddly animal crud.” Of course, SOME of us are suckers enough for animals that we end up with, say, three dogs and seven cats. Not that I’m mentioning names, of course. You can’t actually SEE the word, “sucker,” on my forehead, can you? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. i really love kittens and all but that shot with the lightning and the angel w/trumpet on that ft. worth building was top notch.

  3. David M,

    You are an amateur in the sucker department. Our latest count is eight dogs (six of them adoptees) and 10 cats (all found). We bankroll our vet’s poker habit.

  4. Dogs and cats living together?

  5. That first picture’s especially adorable.

  6. “Now that you have your shot, perhaps you could help me the $%^& out of here??!?!”

  7. Tom from Texas:

    My ex-wife took part of what we used to have together, so it used to be MUCH worse. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it’s always nice to find others who are just as bad about being softies as I am. I have to admit that my 1,400-square-foot townhouse gets pretty crowded at times. When I meet a woman, I ask her whether she minds animal fur in the house before I bother asking her out. If she can’t handle a bit of fur in her food, she’d never make it with me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve always joked that I’m financing my vet’s retirement, but he MIGHT be using it for poker instead. With clients like us, our vets can afford to be free with their spending. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. David and Tom: Please stop. You’re creeping the rest of us out.

  9. How can you possibly have a photograph of “The Earth at Night”? At any point in time it’s only night over half the planet.

    Allowing modified composite images in the competition IMO compromises photographic integrity. Would the “Moon Jet” picture be nearly as impressive if you knew it was the output of Photoshop?

  10. The cuddly animal pictures are better than the image of Bustamante’s sister with the burrito strapon from yesterday.

  11. That German Shepherd with the tiger cubs is awesome. Also, how come it’s creepy to have 10 pets but not creepy to have 10 kids?

  12. It’s creepy to imagine a house so overrun with animal hair that a date would be asked to “handle a bit of fur in the food.”

  13. Gee, some people have no idea when they see hyperbole. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Sorry, having 10 kids is creepy too, unless you’re mormon or a peasant farmer in Africa.

  15. The winking emoticons are what creep me out.

  16. Sarah, I come from a house with 9 kids, it was pretty creepy at times

  17. With a few very admirable exceptions, nearly everyone I’ve ever met with more than four dependants (kids plus pets) is a pathetic looser. They seem might seem creepy at first but once you get to know them you realize they aren’t interesting enough to be creepy. They’re just a pitiful husk where a person should be.

    As for the pics; Some awesome, some lame (animals) and that night shot of the earth gives new life to the phrase ‘dark Africa’

  18. BTW Who the hell is Tyler Cowen? and what was that link about?

  19. The small fish,

    What kind of swear is “$%^&”? (#&*@ing idiot fish!)

  20. On the earth image, have a look at the ‘island’ of South Korea.

    It seems that the North Koreans are particularly devoted to minimizing electricity consumption and light pollution.

  21. makes me wanna go out and hug a tree.

    like the comment from the mtv show, “daria”:

    “what about [saving] the unpopular animals?”
    “ewww. no”


  22. Please. Please. Please.

    No more posts about cuddly animals. Ever since Matt Welch got let in the door here, we’ve been bombarded with cuddly animal crud.

  23. Tyler Cowen is an economist. He runs a blog, http://marginalrevolution.blogs.com, that the good people hereabouts pointed to last week or so.

    It is pretty good, I’ve bookmarked it.

  24. Egoladen,

    It is bad form to point out spelling mistakes …

  25. To all:

    You’re being outnumbered by thsoe folks with more than two kids.

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