The Alt Weekly Case for McClintock


Only seven more days, you non-Californians! Anyway, today's surprise (and interesting read) is this unabashed endorsement of Tom McClintock by R. Scott Moxley of the alternative, left-leaning OC Weekly. Excerpt:

Unlike his top competition?Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cruz Bustamante?McClintock does not lie, duck debates, accept illegal contributions, hide from reporters, flip-flop positions, defend crooks, pander to special interests, place party loyalty over principles, rely on one-liners, award no-bid contracts, surround himself with sleazy advisors or pretend good government is as simple as marketing a movie. [?]

An upset McClintock victory on Oct. 7 could give us the following scenario: Democrats in the state Legislature won't get most of their Volvo spending programs and special-interest payouts. The Republican governor won't be able to enact any of his 1950s-era social initiatives. And because of McClintock's hard-wired stinginess, the rest of us?Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Greens and Libertarians?can finally see some financial sanity returned to Sacramento.