The Alt Weekly Case for McClintock


Only seven more days, you non-Californians! Anyway, today's surprise (and interesting read) is this unabashed endorsement of Tom McClintock by R. Scott Moxley of the alternative, left-leaning OC Weekly. Excerpt:

Unlike his top competition?Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cruz Bustamante?McClintock does not lie, duck debates, accept illegal contributions, hide from reporters, flip-flop positions, defend crooks, pander to special interests, place party loyalty over principles, rely on one-liners, award no-bid contracts, surround himself with sleazy advisors or pretend good government is as simple as marketing a movie. [?]

An upset McClintock victory on Oct. 7 could give us the following scenario: Democrats in the state Legislature won't get most of their Volvo spending programs and special-interest payouts. The Republican governor won't be able to enact any of his 1950s-era social initiatives. And because of McClintock's hard-wired stinginess, the rest of us?Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Greens and Libertarians?can finally see some financial sanity returned to Sacramento.


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  1. Well, we’ve had a lot of practice at this “lesser of two evils” thing. This is pretty advanced noseholding, though.

  2. Come on…this “unabashed endorsement” is a desperate ruse to boost Cruz by siphoning Republican support from Arnold to McClintock.

  3. Clement — I don’t think it is. And for what it’s worth, I’ve heard a lot of similar sentiment from my lefty friends here in L.A.

  4. Sounds a lot like the argument for putting Howard Dean in the White House, just with the party affiliations reversed.

  5. The “libertarian” argument for Dean, that is…

  6. well it makes sense, doesn’t it? if we’re stuck with the two party system we might as well find a way to use their weaknesses against each other.

  7. “see some financial sanity returned to Sacramento”

    Hhahahah You a funny man Matt.

  8. LB — That’s Moxley, not me!

  9. Senator McClintock, for all his social conservatism, has won plaudits across the spectrum for his support of medical marijuana, and his opposition to federal interference with California’s compassionate use law.
    Ed Rosenthal, convicted cultivator, noted in the San Francisco Chronicle that Senator McClintock is the most ardent of the major candidates in his support of medical marijuana.
    Seriously, the important thing is principles, not stereotypes. And McClintock is committed to less government.

  10. I just might divert my vote from a Libertarian candidate for once.

  11. Actually, I agree clement. This article comes out, what, a day and a half after the LA Times poll shows that Schwartzenegger has 40% of the vote and a big lead over Bustamante? Combined with the sexual groping article, it shows a clear pattern. The left is doing everything it can to stop Arnold. Don’t get me wrong. McClintock seems like a decent guy. But seriously. There’s no way in HELL a left-wing group would ever give a straight up endorement of a right-wing candidate, not matter how “principled” he was.

  12. Well, I’m an Arnold leaning Libertarian who has read lots of leftish trash.

  13. And it clearly has such an impact on your political behavior.

  14. Hmm, did they also support Ross Perot and more recently, Bill Simon in the Rep primary? heh

  15. I’m left-of-center myself and I was thinking along the same lines. Better an honest, experienced conservative than a moderate like A.S. who is only getting by on his celebrity status.

    I have nothing against Arnold, but making him governor is akin to Caligula elevating his horse to the Roman Senate. Come to think of it, I felt the same way about Bush.

  16. Do you people think Arnold-leaning Republicans read free leftish alt-weeklies? If this makes any splash at all, it will be to divert votes from Cruz or Camejo.

  17. Hey!

    Volvo is owned by Ford. How dare he insult a red-blooded patriotic American brand?

  18. I’ve never though about that before!

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