Quotes and Source



"This magazine does everything well: culture, politics, religion, philosophy, and while other mags redesign to simplify and commercialize, reason's redesign actually made it better."

— from "The 50 Best Magazines," an article in the June 12 Chicago Tribune. Reason was ranked number 21.

"They are a very tempting car. Just as Monica tempted Clinton, they will tempt you."

— Iraqi auto dealer Marwan Shaban on the Toyota Land Cruiser, locally dubbed "the Monica," in the June 4 Detroit Free Press.


The First Amendment is surprisingly compact when you consider all it covers: freedom of speech and the press, the prohibition of establishment of religion, the exercise of religious liberty, and the rights of assembly and petition. The body of law based on those few words is not so compact, which is why the Freedom Forum and Vanderbilt University established the First Amendment Center Online. You can find links to seminal cases organized by topic, analytical essays, weekly columns, and current news items.