Happy October 1


A pile of new laws welcomes citizens every October 1. Here are a few that take effect today:

Maryland: No more driving within 12 hours of getting busted for DWI; moms have the right to breast-feed infants in any public or private place; and more.

Connecticut: No more smoking in restaurants; spammers must put the letters "ADV" in their subject lines; and more.

Florida: No more cyberstalking, and more.

Nevada: No more lying lobbyists, and more.

Indiana: New background checks for gun buyers.

Louisiana: Principals are now obligated to discipline students sent to the office by teachers. Plus the Bayou State's blood alcohol limit for drivers drops to 0.08 percent, as it does in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and other states that want federal highway funding.

Good news in China: People no longer need the boss' okay to get married. (But where they live is still dictated by the state.)

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  1. 0.08???!!! That’s an Amstel, a Clausthaler, and an Irish coffee in a 3 hour timespan.

  2. I’m just concerned about all of the willy-nilly sheep shearing that will be going on in Nevada now.

  3. My former home of Maryland adopts this:

    “Designating the thoroughbred as the state horse.”

    They could have designated Paris Glendening as the state horse’s ass while they were at it, I say.

  4. I wonder if any Maryland mothers were ever strip searched after being arrested for illegal breast-feeding.

    We demand to know.

  5. Hmm…an drug ARREST is enough to stop someone from buying a gun according to the Brady Bill? This I did not know. I guess the poor dude in todays’ Brickbat “Mistakes Happen” is screwed if he wants to buy a piece because the cops goofed.

  6. Im moving to China.

  7. Oh yeah? Where?

  8. In Maryland moms have the right to breast-feed infants in any public or private place

    So if i live in Maryland, i can’t stop some broad from coming into my own home and breastfeeding?

  9. Heilongjiang Province

  10. “What this means for the average Floridian is that they can no longer be harassed or threatened over E-mail without that person being prosecuted for a crime,” said Rep. John Stargel, R-Lakeland, who sponsored the measure.

    I’m glad I can still harass or threaten you as long as I don’t use email? Do legislators have to take moron tests to take their seats? Rep. John Stargel, R-Lakeland, must have passed his with Honors.

  11. In Maryland, can a stripper be arrested for “breast-feeding” a client. Hee-hee

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