25 Years Ago in Reason


"In recent weeks the world has once again witnessed the spectacle of political trials in the Soviet Union….It is for this reason that we urge a boycott of the Moscow Olympics—not as a mandate from our government but as a spontaneous outpouring of a free people."
— Robert W. Poole Jr., "Boycott Moscow"

"The village board of Hempstead, New York, has outlawed 'for sale' signs on local lawns. The ostensible reason is to prevent 'white flight.'"
— Bill Birmingham, Brickbats

"The influential social position of this elite [of anti-technology intellectuals], then, is threatened by the mass prosperity that is bred by technology and free enterprise. What better way to keep the riff-raff in its place than to kill both by abolishing all but feudal energy sources?"
— Petr Beckman, "Economics As If SOME People Mattered"

"Extreme egalitarianism attracts the guilt-ridden because it promises to relieve their guilt….It is not poverty itself that causes guilt for those who view it from a position of comfort; it is their own complacency, contrasted with the poverty of others?"
— Allan Epstein, "The Politics of Guilt"