Plame War


Who dropped the dime on CIA op Valerie Plame? No one is the claim here, everybody who was anybody already knew she was a Company girl. And if that is a stretch, so I think is the claim advanced by Plame's supporters that the leak was the work of spiteful White House staff. Spite is plentiful in DC, but more so spin.

In the midst of the July pissing match between the WH and CIA over the yellowcake debacle, outing Plame spins thusly for 1600 Penn.: "Look, this was a CIA bungle all the way. We even used a CIA-wired guy for the field work. It's all on them."

On the full-disclosure front, I worked for Bob Novak for five years and the man dearly loves scoops and fratricidal turf battles. No wonder he was all over this two-fer.