Gallup Goes to Baghdad


Gallup today is releasing the (subscription-only) results of, in its words, "the first scientific and projectable poll assessing the postwar social and political climate of Baghdad?s 6.4 million citizens." There's a NYTimes story here. Among the findings noted in Gallup's announcement:

? Nearly two-thirds (62%) of Baghdad?s citizens think ousting Saddam Hussein was worth any hardships they have personally endured since the invasion.
? Nearly half (47%) thinks the country as a whole is currently worse off than it was before the invasion ? only a third (33%) thinks it is already in better shape.
? Two-thirds (67%) believe Iraq will be in better condition five years from now than it was before the U.S. and British-led invasion; just 8% think it will be worse off.
? Most (61%) take a favorable view of the new Iraqi Governing Council, but see its policies and decisions ?still mostly determined by the coalition?s own authorities? (75%).
? Fully half (50%) think that the Coalition Provisional Authority is doing a better job now than was the case two months ago, while just 14% think it is doing a worse job.

Results are drawn from "1,178 hour-long, in-home interviews in a cross section of Baghdad—including Sadr City (formerly Saddam City)."

UPDATE: Here's an earlier AEI/Zogby poll; thanks to Ambit via Glenn Reynolds.