Arnie's Libertarian Lunge


Just in time for tonight's debate, Arnold Schwarzenegger lays out his economic program and philosophy in today's Wall Street Journal (registration required). The lede:

I have often said that the two people who have most profoundly impacted my thinking on economics are Milton Friedman and Adam Smith. At Christmas I sometimes annoy some of my more liberal Hollywood friends by sending them a gift of Mr. Friedman's classic economic primer, "Free to Choose." What I learned from Messrs. Friedman and Smith is a lesson that every political leader should never forget: that when the heavy fist of government becomes too overbearing and intrusive, it stifles the unlimited wealth creation process of a free people operating under a free enterprise system.

For news of Schwarzenegger's actually substantive proposals, click here. (WSJ link via Robert Garcia Tagorda, whose unique theories about Arnold's unorthodox campaign tactics will be put to the test tonight.)