Eat THIS, Banzhaf



In an attempt to make a law professor in the other Washington look silly, a popular restaurant [in Seattle] is requiring customers to sign a liability waiver before they eat a fat-by-design dessert called The Bulge.

The waiver, a semi-serious gimmick that might be the first of its kind in the United States, is displayed in poster-sized dimensions near the front door of the 5 Spot, an eatery on Seattle's affluent Queen Anne Hill.

"I will not impose any of sort of obesity-related lawsuit against the 5 Spot or consider any similar type of frivolous legislation created by a hungry trial lawyer," the release says. After a diner signs it, a waiter hauls out a sugarcoated, deep-fried, ice cream-swaddled, caramel-drizzled, whipped-cream-anointed banana.