Right Cause, Wrong Reason


At The Dissident, Will Wilkinson writes (say that three times fast) about the real reason to oppose the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund:

The next time you get the chance, please protest against the IMF and the World Bank. But do it for the right reason. Do it not because they promote globalization and capitalism, but because they impede it.

Wilkinson notes:

The increases in prosperity in the Third World are largely due to the remarkable growth in the economies of Asia, where markets and global trade have been embraced with varying degrees of enthusiasm. However, in Africa, where markets and global trade have generally been repudiated, the people remain, by and large, in the throes of the most desperate poverty. The Bank and the Fund are trying to impose economic globalization through political globalization, and they are failing — indeed, making things worse.

Read the whole thing here.

[Link via Free-Market.net]