Totaled Recall


California's recall may be postponed so everybody can use a new voting machine. But it sez here that "voting officials … were handed a new problem to consider: whether combining the lengthy recall ballot with the primary in March would produce a behemoth too large for the newer voting machines to handle.

"'It's more than a wrinkle,' said Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder Conny McCormack. 'No one even asked the largest county in the state if we had the capacity to run it in March. The answer is no.'"

Want more? A postponement might mean "reopening the ballot to allow candidates to remove their names or new candidates to join the race. State law generally requires that the ballot be set within 59 days of the election."

Sez Mickey Kaus: "One–only one–of the problems of government-by-judiciary is that judges think they know all the relevant facts just from reading the briefs of the parties in the case. But they don't. …"