Plastic Fantastic News Source


Not that the site needs it, but here's a plug for Plastic, the filter site that, as the scoliosis-ridden backbone of Automatic Media, helped kill off the great Suck, the Web's first daily commentary site of note. Started by one founder of Suck (Joey Anuff) and now administered by the other (Carl Stedman), it remains a great source of news and commentary with wit and range. Like many things related to the Internet boom, it may not have made money but it's great that it's around. Current top stories include:

A Breath(Ed) Of Fresh Air Returns To The Comics Pages
(about Berkeley "Bloom County" Breathed's return to cartooning)

Say It Ain't So, Moe! ? France Gets Its Own Shakespearean Controversy
(about charges that Moliere was a fake)

I'm Sorry Dave, I'm Afraid I Can't Vote That Way
(about all the technical problems with Diebold's high-tech voting machines being tested in California)