Socialist Surrealist Art


The less-than-burning question of the appropriateness of Soviet kitsch has been batted around more than once in these pages. Now a small Moscow company adds a new wrinkle. Kontakt-Kultura publishing house has achieved middling success selling USSR propaganda posters in Russia itself. Maybe you'd be interested in this timely flyer:

"A one-night stand may flash like lightning," warns one poster under a picture of a wilting pink rose, "but tomorrow, perhaps, there will be illness and hospital."

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  1. That’s pretty neat. There’s an artistic quality that shouldn’t be over looked here, even if the regime that created them is morally unappealing.
    I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some US propaganda from the Cold War or the two World Wars.

  2. Well, people still study Trimuph of the Will for its artistic value, though with I suspect a much more careful distinction between the artistic techniques and the subject matter. Leni still isn’t Kitch.

  3. Anyone ever see some of the cold war propaganda trailers they showed on MST 3k?

    I recall great lines like, “We forge Justice!”

  4. Jason, maybe it’s just me, but in what context are they using the word “forge”? Hmmmmmmmm . . .

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