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Authorities scramble to protect public health and safety at the Minnesota State Fair.

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  1. I'm reminded of the idea of "The Tyranny Of Public Health"

  2. But it's against the children!

  3. A similar thing happened in Florida to the lemonade stand girl. Similar but not identical, I am aware, sticklers. But Calling the media is definitely the way to handle this. Let them handcuff and arrest the little girls- what a great display of civil disobedience that would be against excessive regulation and taxation! An image like that could break the city, the police chief, the mayor...the way that Elian Gonzales picture broke Janet Reno's chances for ever holding public office again.
    It's a shame the city councilman came in to help. Susan B. Anthony voted illegally once, was arrested (in handcuffs, at her insistence)and jailed. A friend came to bail her out, and she was outraged- because it screwed up her civil disobendience- political theater rocks! Fight the power little girls!

  4. "A lady came up and said we can't sell pop unless we have a license," Mikaela said of the visit by city authorities on Wednesday. "I don't know if it's a driver's license or something. It was kind of scary."


  5. Although the Florida case drew national attention, it changed nothing. The city officials, out of the kindness of their thoroughly embarrassed hearts, waived the license fee.

    Well, Yippie! Public outrage is all well and good but achieves nothing if in the end the same situation exists. Will the fee be "waived" for the next set of enterprising little girls or will they be simply crushed under the full weight of the still existing law?


  6. I like the quote from the Health inspector who apparently thought 8 year olds should get food service safety training to hand out (sealed) cans of pop in the same condition you get them at a convenience store or grocery store. I'm sure they're a major threat to health.

    If anything does change from these cases, it will be exemptions for minors doing relatively harmless activies such as this. I don't expect this to have any impact on regulation of adult owned and operated businesses .

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