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The Battle of Shaker Heights debuts in eight cities this weekend. Best known for being the subject this year of Project Greenlight, HBO's watch-us-make-a-movie reality TV series, the picture also has the lesser-known distinction of being written by a libertarian who'd just been awarded a grant by the Institute for Humane Studies.

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  1. …no wonder, by all accounts, it sucks…

  2. I haven’t watched the series, but I did see Stolen Summer, which I liked. On the DVD, the TV show creators even fessed up that they tried to create more problems than there were just to make the TV show better. Talk about making the “reality” show unreal…

    Anyway, someone at work told me about this second installment of the series. When he told me there were TWO directors, I knew it was supposed to be another “disaster on purpose” for the sake of the TV series. Every review I’ve read of the film essentially says the same thing – it would have been better if they gave them less money and left the filmmakers alone.

    The 2-director disaster is something I read regarding “Monty Python And The Holy Grail”. That was directed by Jones and Gilliam, and after it was done they all agreed never to do another film unless there was only one director, they didn’t care which one.

  3. “watch-us-make-a-movie reality

    Sure, but did you see Madonna and Britney do an MTV watch-us-make-out-on-stage reality show?

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