Retract Larch


$23.2 billion of the Pentagon's 2004 budget request is for "black" programs, the highest amount of classified defense spending since 1988:

Some black spending in the Pentagon budget is designated for code-named programs such as the Army's "Tractor Rose" and the Navy's "Retract Larch." But sources said some names may be accounting fictions that do not stand for actual programs. Other classified spending is accounted for under such bland headings as "special activities."

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  1. Let’s see. Who was running the place back in ’88? Oh yeah. Birthday cakes for tyrants and a little illegal arms dealing.

    Must have been a Republican.

  2. It’s just those damn liberals and thier hatred of guns that makes international arms dealing illegal! It’s our god-given constitutional right.

  3. “The larch. *pause* The larch.”
    /monty python

  4. The NAACP should be happy.

  5. Funny money accounting in the US government? I for one am SHOCKED!

  6. You know that “special activies” is just a code word for strip clubs and bachelor parties.

  7. Retract Larch = pay per view pr0n

    Tractor Rose = 40s of Little Kings

    “special activities” = lap dances

  8. (humor coming up)

    I wonder whether the military preferred Clinton or Bush. Seriously:

    With Clinton, funding for strippers and porn could be designated top-priority with the Commander-in-Chief’s full support. With Bush, they have to hide behind funny code names 😉

    (This post was intended as humor, let’s please not get into the cluster-fuck of blame games over which administration was worse for the military.)

  9. I love the fact that the Navy is claiming a need for new subs based on the future threat of terrorism.

  10. EMAIL:
    DATE: 01/26/2004 12:22:26
    A brute kills for pleasure. A fool kills from hate.

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