I Want A Hero


In The Washington Post: Brian Doherty checks in with Amy Wallace, Book of Lists wiz and (who knew?) one-time love slave of Carlos "Don Juan" Castaneda.

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  1. Sorry Tim, won’t subscribe just to follow a link.

  2. Don’t need to subscribe – just lie to the “questionaire.” Over time, to the WaPo, I’ve been male, female, born anywhere from 1946 to 1970 and lived in ZIP codes from Virginia to Texas.
    I hope I can add to the understanding of the Post that the questionaire is butt-stupid,

  3. I always put in 1987, Afghanistan. They must think themselves quite popular with Afghan teenyboppers.

  4. I always sign in as a 102-year-old woman living in the Palms area of Los Angeles. Between Afghan teenagers and LA centenarians, WaPo has quite a diverse readership.

  5. Okay, done. Unfortunately I found the previous posts, as well as the i.d. change into an 82 year old woman from Amer. Samoa more interesting than the article. Oh well, back to the beach.

  6. no…… i want to be a hero

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