What's Too Indy for Indy?


Via A Small Victory, I learn that it's possible to see posts that have been pulled from IndyMedia sites, for instance from NY IndyMedia, by moderators.

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  1. Very strange. I clicked on many of the deleted items and could see nothing wrong with them (at least for that site.) Wierd.

  2. Yeah, weird indeed!

    Excuse me, Julian, for the sidetrack … (I wish one of you guys would put this up as a topic for discussion on H&R.) The following doesn’t actually pertain to your current topic, but I was flabbergasted to read the ridiculousness of a court ruling on Reason’s homepage, under Daily Brickbat, titled,

    We Know Who The Genius Is (8/25)

    I had to take my jaw off the desk when I read the following in the linked newspaper article, “Angela was not legally free to skip high school,” [said the judge.]


  3. I read the article you mentioned, Kotter. And you’re right. It’s absurd.

    But contrast it with this, where a 12-year-old boy is going for his doctorate!


  4. Thanks for the link. Reading about kids like these two is certainly uplifting. It restores some of my faith in the future of humanity at a time when we’re being overwhelmed by a hoard of apathetic underachievers.

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