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Nick posted last week about the latest "asinine acronym" legislation making its way through the corridors of power, the VICTORY Act, which seems to be yet another attempt to leverage the war on terror into support for the war on drugs. A leaked late-June draft of the bill is available in full online. [Warning: large-ish PDF.]

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  1. As a brief act of civil disobedience, we should all just agree to call this the VICTO act. If Ashcroft can’t be troubled to come up with a complete acronym, I don’t see why we should be doing him the favor of associating his latest little moster with victory.

    And, well, VICTO just sounds goofy. If the media all called it the VICTO act, it would never pass.

  2. How about:
    Vested Interest in Constitutional Treason – Our Rights Yielded

  3. They absolutely have to tie the war on terrorism to the war on drugs. The one thing that scares people more than drugs is terrorism.

  4. Thanks for the PDF warning, Julian. I absolutely detest PDFs and avoid them like the plague. PDFs may be “portable” as all get-out, but they sure are the clumsiest, most unmanagable pieces of word processing crap I’ve ever come across.

    (No wonder gubmint uses PDF’s a lot. PDFs befit their style.)

  5. and if they’re set up correctly they should be neither clumsy nor unamanageable. well, at least somewhat unmanageable if security options are enabled. 🙂

  6. do you have a better way of distributing document layouts with images in a format that will not be marred by the atrocious monitor and browser settings of the plebes who consume it? by horse drawn carriages perhaps? or homing pigeon? 🙂

    seriously though, pdf’s fucking rawk! RAWK!

  7. PDF files aren’t intended for word processing anyway. They do the job they are intended to do (that is, transmitting an exact image of a document that can’t be altered without pricey software) pretty well.

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