Suspected Murderer Bows Out of Recall


From the Associated Press:

Scott Winfield Davis, a Palo Alto resident running for governor, announced late Tuesday that he was pulling out of the race [?]

Davis was charged with murder in Atlanta seven years ago, accused of killing his estranged wife's lover and setting his home and Porsche afire. Although the charges were dropped for lack of evidence, the Fulton County, Ga., district attorney told the Mercury News he still considers Davis "the top suspect." […]

"I was in this race to focus on positive issues and ideas that I have," Davis, 38, said. After the district attorney's statement, he said, "I and my campaign believe the media focus will, unfortunately, be on the case in Atlanta rather than on positive ideas."

Davis' name will still appear on the Oct. 7. (Link via Ken Layne)