He's Not a Bloodless Robot, Honest!


Lord help us: Gray Davis' wife Sharon now has a "blog." The current top entry starts: "There is too much misinformation floating around out there about my husband." Among the corrective insider details:

Like most guys, my husband loves sports. It is probably because he played every sport he could when he was growing up. ? He watches a lot more ESPN than CNN, FOX or MSNBC.

When we have a moment off, we enjoy the same things others do: seeing friends, dinner and a movie, or just taking the time to read a good book. [?]

My husband exercises every day and is pretty careful about what he eats.

About the most charming bits are the grammatical errors ("You might thing I would be disheartened," "You do not hear much about the because it is not news," etc.). And no comment yet about the Cybill Shepherd revelations. (Link via Calblog)