Arnold's Prop. 187 Evolution


Turns out Arianna Huffington (who, by the way, was gutted and filleted by Susan Estrich today), is not the only gubernatorial candidate to have a change of heart about California's still-controversial 1994 ballot initiative. The L.A. Weekly's Bill Bradley reports:

Last year, while campaigning for Proposition 49, his after-school programs initiative, Schwarzenegger won a standing ovation from the Commonwealth Club at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, when he responded to a question from the audience about his current thinking on Prop. 187: "I would never stand in the way of any child going to school, whether he or she is here legally or illegally, it does not matter."

Link via Daniel Weintraub.

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  1. Me thinks the terminator should run as an independent at the very least. He is about as republican as Joe Lieberman.

  2. You say that Arianna Huffington was “gutted and filleted” by Susan Estrich. I read Estrich’s article; she seems to be complaining in the most part that Huffington has changed her mind on a number of topics. This is bad? As far as I know Huffington admits it, does not attempt convoluted explanations to attempt to show that two contradictory opinions are actually consistent. Surely the capacity for growth and change is not something to be despised.

    In one of his novels, Neal Stephenson makes the point that the only criticism of others that people who have no values themselves can make is to accuse them of hypocrisy when they either fail to live up to their own values or change them over time. Estrich does not argue with any of Huffington’s former or current opinions, since to do so would necessitate exposing her own opinions in the matter, if any.

    Being a gravity-challenged person, I’ve always liked Whitman’s “I contradict myself? So, I contradict myself; I am large, I contain multitudes.

  3. Joe Lieberman is far more of a Republican than Arnold. You won’t catch Arnold talking trash about movies to suck up to the theocrats.

  4. I couldn’t care less if people change their minds when they have good reasons. What I don’t like is either:

    1) Saying “So-and-so supported (insert controversial policy here). That was a bad policy. You shouldn’t vote for anybody who supported it” when the person making that statement supported it also back in the day.

    2) Saying “I never supported it” when he or she did.

    At least have the arrogance to portray yourself as older-but-wiser, having learned from the mistake of supporting it. Then you can criticize those who haven’t changed their minds.

    (I’m not so much referring to 187, as the general phenomenon of hypocrisy. Whatever you might think of 187, it’s hypocritical to criticize somebody for holding a certain stance without the full disclosure of admitting that you also held that stance at one time and you’ve changed your mind now.)


    As for Arnold not being a Republican because he doesn’t talk trash about movies, I’d be happy to give him Republican credentials by proxy and talk trash about his movies 😉

  5. According to her husband, she urged him to support 187. Today, she says she voted against it back then. You make the call.

  6. Ia Arnold wearing a mood ring in this picture? What mood is blue?

  7. I think this shows that Arnold doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He probably had no idea that 187 pertained to schools – the ads were all about welfare and stuff.

  8. Curt Warner,

    Former husband I think.

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