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New at Reason: Joe Biden was an early and enthusiastic avatar of the New Plagiarism, so it's only sporting that Delaware's senior senator should now be providing the source material for assorted RAVE ACT clones. Jacob Sullum compares the knockoffs.

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  1. At this rate, the Democratic Party should not be able to survive the next 25 years. They have an incredible ability to create laws that lock up a segment of their voter base.

  2. Even more horrible is that this might lead to the politicization of electronic music, and I prefer mine drug-based.

  3. Seems like this would run into freedom of association problems (presuming a court would care to enforce the Constitution) – unless they make is so broad that it applies to pretty much any sort of gathering.

    I think a good definition of a totalitarian state is one where *nothing* is permitted without the explicit permission of the state. In other words, everything is illegal unless the state decides otherwise. And the state makes sure that what is permitted is as narrow and ambiguous and up to the whims of petty functionaries as possible. The subject who would rather stay out of jail or worse decides that doing more or less nothing is the safest bet.

    Meanwhile in a free nation consenting adults may do as they like unless the activity is explicitly illegal (and hopefully, only activities that harm non-consenting third parties would be considered illegal).

    I think the totalitarian impulse has the upper hand at the moment. Not that that’s a newsflash but here’s another example.

  4. What’s with the cute acronyms on all these laws? That and the way unrelated laws get tied together make the US legislative system seem sort of gratuitously silly… mmmmm rave drugs.

  5. This is all just so ripe for ye olde selective enforcement. Burning Man gets going within a week, but somehow I don’t see the feds going after them, though I’m not sure why, maybe too visible. But someone’s gonna get picked on for frivilous reasons sooner or later, no doubt…

  6. fyodor,
    You are on the right track. This law is tailor made to oppress those who threaten established power.

  7. Alcohol-free parties have drugs at them? Gasp!?! Geez, and just a few years ago keggers were the scourge of our nation’s youth.

    It’s a good thing we got them to cut down on their drinking though.

  8. It’s too bad Biden et al never made it to a dead show. Jerry must be rolling over in his grave.

  9. Well I guess people will still be able to promote church socials once these laws are on the books.

  10. A whole new version of “Your papers, please!”

    Man, this is even weirder shit than I’d imagined. I just hope some other country shapes up sufficiently to hop ship into if this is actually an ongoing trend; I just hope Regression To The Mean will kick in in our favor…and hope this isn’t Regression To The Mean at work.

    I’ve new appreciation for the Zen of living in the moment – because if politicians have anything to say about it, the future will be nothing more than enslavement with a smiley face.

  11. “Well I guess people will still be able to promote church socials once these laws are on the books.”

    It only depends on just how Christian your church social is. Mr. Ashcroft will help you with that determination.

  12. You mean the Church of Jah Rastafari won’t count?

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