Who Wants To Be Governor of California?


Just as I was thinking that California politics was evolving into a reality TV show, it actually spawned an honest-to-God reality TV show. (For those of you keeping track on your satire-as-prophecy scorecards, the points for this one go to Saturday Night Live.)

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  1. Mary Carey's going all the way! Granted, that's only in her movies...

  2. Even before SNL, back in 1969, Mad Magazine had the definitive take: "If The President Were Chosen Like Miss America"...

  3. Watch for these upcoming quotes:

    "A - deficit spending, final answer"
    " What is Alien Registration Receipt Card? I'll take immigration for 1000 please"
    "You are the weakest candidate. Goodbye!"

  4. When the recall started Leno said we should move 15 bachelors into the governor's mansion and then vote them out one by one. "Senator McClintock, will you accept this campaign contribution?"

    I think we should put all 135 of them in Alcatraz and vote them off the island. No, wait, reverse that: One by one we vote them all INTO Alcatraz, starting with Davis 😉

  5. Norm MacDonald as Dole was absolutely hysterical. My favorite was when he went on Meet the Press to show his new, touchy-feely, non-irascible personality. Becoming more and more strained under a barrage of pointed questions, he finally went ballistic: "Bob Dole's gonna kick your ass! Yeah, that's right! Tell your friends you ran away from a one-armed 73-year-old man!"

    Crusty old Bob would be pretty damned refreshing right now, in our current reign of smarminess and treacle.

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