Frampton Comes Across


Peter Frampton is glad Arnold Schwarzenegger jumped in the Cali guv race—it might help him sell some records. Frampton's first new album in a decade has a song with the lyric "I'm back/Like Schwarzenegger in the Terminator."

Frampton notes that fellow 70s dinosaurs Fleetwood Mac got a boost from Bill Clinton's adoption of "Don't Stop" as a campaign theme song. As for political analysis of Arnie, Frampton makes as much sense as the pros: "He's a liberal conservative."

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  1. Hell, even I might consider voting for Arnold if they cued in “Do You Feel Like I Do” every time he made a public appearance.

    That self-congratulatory treacle by Fleetwood Mac just turned my stomach. Almost as bad as those shitheads who went around singing “I still believe in a place called Hope.”

  2. I feel like a good joint.

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