Broadband, Explained


The very funny James Lileks actually explains his DSL trouble in terms we all can understand:

As it turns out, the Qwest and COVAD people will meet together at my house tomorrow to solve the problem together. Apparently the COVAD guy can't enter a house, or he turns into a skeleton a la Pirates of the Caribbean. And the Qwest guy can't handle the outside wires. It's a Jack-Sprat-and-his-wife thing.

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  1. I tried Qwest for a very short while, then I fired them.

    Cox costs a little more but is far better in overall service and performance, at least in my case.

  2. I’m guessing JL would have less trouble if he had purchased his DSL directly from Qwest, and hadn’t got the Covad free-riders/middlemen into the mess.

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