Punishment for Everybody!


New at Reason: Jacob Sullum tries on the principle of one-size-fits-all sentencing guidelines, and finds it doesn't fit.

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  1. Roy: Yeah, I believe the Chinese have an excellent system for getting the prisoners to work off their debts to society. I’m sure the Chinese model would be perfect for the US.

  2. Takin’ it off there, boss
    Takin’ a break there, boss

    The chain gangs reminded me of that…

    p.s. steve mcqueen rocks

  3. “There is a lot of money in those prisons”

    That’s all you need to know, really. Our prison industry needs customers!

  4. Neil,

    That was Paul Newman

  5. I dont know what the solution to the criminal justice system is, but we have far too many people in jail in this country and it is going to get worse. There is a lot of money in those prisons, correctional officers, prosecutors, etc, etc. Although this is not Finland, I do know that Finland revamped their system in the late sixties due to prison overcrowding without an outbreak of lawlessness.

  6. How about getting back to chain gangs for the tough ones (lots of roads need cleaning and general maintenance), and yard work for the yung’ens — thereby letting them all pay their own way.

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