Not Quite Enough Cooperation


The scientist who led the CIA to decade old centrifuge equipment buried in his backyard thought he'd be rewarded for his cooperation with political asylum in the U.S. Then he had the temerity to add that, contra Bush team assertions, there had been no later attempts to reconstitute Iraq's biochem weapons programs. Hussein had, apparently, been deterred by inspections. The scientist's move to the U.S. has since been mysteriously held up.

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  1. Nothing mysterious about it that I can see. Just stupid if you ask me. This will certainly not encourage more cooperation from other scientists and former Baathists.

  2. Why would anyone think Bush is going to treat Iraqi scientists any different than his voters?

    “YOu have outlived your usefulness, now I must exterminate you!”

  3. So Bush is a politician then. Good ole fashioned politics, really – you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours; don’t scratch my back and I’ll have government agencies under my influence screw with you.

  4. Plutarck,

    Exactly. Not very nice is it? As a friend pointed out to me, in politics, it is never nice and timing is everything. Concenquently, since this man’s revelation stopped being useful, apparently he is on ice (stasis) until such time he again proves to be of some value. I suppose for his sake, that will be soon. He may be allowed to see daylight oh, like when the inevitable media blitz concerning WMD “capabilities, programs, and documents” issue forth from the White House that will proceed the tastelessly timed and located Republican convention.

  5. BTW, why is the recent plethora of violene in Afghanistan getting no spin here at Hit & Run?

  6. Jean Bart:

    Well, we don’t get to make our own threads, so I’ll say that it’s because none of those in charge of posting entries decided to post about it – but that could be what you meant in the first place.

  7. Gah… I meant to post something about that yesterday. I’ll do at least a post tomorrow, maybe even write something longer.

  8. Maybe you could tie in those shoulder fired missiles we gave them a decade ago to use on the Ruskies.

  9. Does Nunn-Lugar qualify as “common defense?” Any fetishists of the framers’ original intent care to tackle that?

  10. EMAIL:
    DATE: 05/21/2004 05:39:33
    He who gives up freedom for security deserves neither.

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