A Mere 135 Candidates…


On the recall ballot.

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  1. I’m starting to like Arnold, the Republicrat. He provides absolutely no advantage to the Bush Neocons in 2004. The whole thing’s a farce but at least it may do no harm.

  2. At $3500 per registrant, I can only assume the recall election is an attempt to balance the California budget. Now if they can just find another 999,865 candidates, they’ll be set. What could be more brilliant than a tax on politicians?

  3. How are the American public ever supposed to take Republicans and Democrats seriously if they run such nut jobs?!

    note: this is sarcasm…

    While people like to judge the Libertarian Party on one or two weird candidates out of thousands run, no one defines the Ds and Rs by David Duke or Lyndon laRouche or whatever nut cases are on the ballot in Calif.

    Why doesn’t someone attack CATO for once, the LP is such an old target and Cato definitely needs attacking — what a waste of money — what do they do there?

    Write books no one reads…listen to Republicans rhetorically blow them then go vote the opposite way in Congress…occasionally get quoted in the Washington Pravda, occasionally appear on hack shows like Crossfire where more likely than not they are defined as conservatives…Cato sucks…

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