Jack Hickey, Libertarian 4 Gov


Another in an occasional Hit & Run series. Hickey is a 69-year-old retired research scientist from Redwood City. The San Mateo County Times describes him as a "perennial candidate ? who has run in more elections than he himself can immediately recall." According to the California Almanac,

Mr. Hickey's first brush with electoral success came last November when he was elected to the Sequoia Healthcare District board, an entity which he immediately—and unsuccessfully—attempted to disband. No word yet on whether his platform includes disbanding the state of California.

Here's Hickey's campaign website (cached version here), which vows:

As a Candidate for Governor, I would seek to restore the Government of the United States to it's subserviant [sic] role to the Sovereign States, by exercising the jurisdictional power of the State. I would further strive to restore local funding and control by eliminating State pilfering of property taxes under color of law.

I support Sunsetting of Laws which cannot muster Legislative support. In a similar vein, I concur with the Little Hoover Commission regarding dissolution of Government Agencies which have outlived their usefulness, and would seek to streamline the convoluted process embodied in LAFCO's(Local Agency Formation Commission's).

Here's a multi-colored bio with picture; and a black & white bio without (if the links don't work, Google-cached versions are here and here.). He's anti-abortion, pro-legalization, and pro-voucher.