Gray's Viking Funeral


California's Institutional Left is licking its chops at the prospect of Gray Davis begging unions, Latinos, environmental groups and feminists for money and support. Labor-worshipping writer Harold Meyerson has a must-read column about what we might expect in the next two months.

[Union] leaders are telling Gray that to rally their members ? and his base ? he will have to veer sharply in a populist direction. Davis? decision to sign a bill permitting illegal immigrants to obtain drivers? licenses is a step in the right direction. [?]

Some in labor are also urging Davis to agree to sign SB 2, Senate President Pro Tem John Burton?s bill to require California employers to join buyer pools to provide health insurance to their workers ? in essence, to mandate a job-based, employer-subsidized universal health-care system. Union leaders are far from certain that the passage of this or the other bills will suffice to spare Davis from the recall gods. But, they conclude, the bills certainly can?t hurt his campaign, and at least he?ll go out in a blaze of unaccustomed glory.

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  1. How about having Davis promise to avoid reducing public services by replacing unionized state government workers with illegal immigrants? Or propose state-mandated day care, to be staffed by illegal immigrants? Maybe the Golden Gate Bridge or some other prominent landmark can be renamed for illegal immigrants, you know, as a self-esteem thing.

    Populism in action, baby!

  2. As a resident of a state other than California, I’m pleased to hear of Davis’ efforts to drive businesses to other parts of the country.

  3. Anyone who gives anything to ILLEGAL aliens other than arrest and deportation deserves exactly what happens.

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