Golden State Gagging


Here's a roundup of recent work by Reason writers on the California recall:

Nick Gillespie gives Arnold a Brunswick Cheer. (It's like a Bronx Cheer, only more fragrant.)

Tim Cavanaugh sings the praises of gridlock. (Free registration required.)

Matt Welch hobnobs with the beautiful people.

Matt Welch (again!) sneaks into the immigration debate.

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  1. P.S.: The wife and I will be visiting friends in L.A. next month and plan to do some volunteer canvassing for Gary Coleman while we’re there.

  2. Nick, your comments on Arnold?s libertarian attitudes toward morality are well taken, and I agree that they are most welcome in today?s political environment. However, I have yet to hear him give voice to any libertarian attitudes toward fiscal policy. Arnold appears to be of the belief that the State of California should babysit everyone?s children after school. Considering that Cali?s debt is at $38 billion and climbing, if I were a libertarian Californian, I would like to hear what nanny-state programs he would propose to reduce or eliminate altogether, not which ones he would continue to spend tax dollars on. Of course, he has a couple of months to clarify his platform. It?s just that as things stand right now, I can?t help but think that many libertarians? enthusiasm for the movie strongman is predicated more on his celebrity than his philosophical substance.

  3. Californian –

    As I stated in my original post, I realize Arnold has a couple of months to articulate what he would propose, so I’ll be listening.

    However, I did hear Arnold himself say in his own words, on television (at least I don’t THINK I was under the influence of any hallucinogens at the time), that he thinks the state of California should provide after school programs to every child in Cali. With a crushing public debt, I would think that this service would be best provided by private enterprise, not the state government.

    And it may be a bit of exaggeration to say Cali is becoming a 3rd world country, but it’s certainly starting to show the symptoms of one, and will be one unless there are some drastic reforms in that state to keep government pared down and allow free markets to flourish.

  4. The commenter on California as a third-world country has absolutely no clue what he or she is talking about.

    Chicago Bob, you need to do your research on Arnold before you make any judgements.

  5. I suggest you go to and read the articles on Arnold, and California.

    For instance:

  6. Californian – Thanks for the info and the links. I will research and keep my mind open. Apologies for the slander to your state.

    — Chicago Bob

  7. Before anyone blesses Arnold as a libertarian, understand that his chief “financial” consultant, Warren Buffet is a rabid anti-gun supporter and has donated millions of dollars to How many more paternalistic bureaucratic “advisors” do we need in Sacramento?

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