"Stalin The Musical"


Maybe Uncle Joe wouldn't have tried to kill John Wayne if someone had bothered to write musicals about him. On second thought, that probably would've him even madder, especially if the show's writer had declared, "We have ignored a scarier figure than Hitler."

But such sentiment could've been taken as praise by Stalin. Praise, though, would mean you are up to something. Unless it was cover for not being up to something. Hmmm. You can see why Stalin played it safe and just killed everyone.

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  1. My partner Leo and I have a great idea…

  2. If that gets old, try silencethemusical, which is music for “Silence of the Lambs”. Their mp3 link has the full versions. It even includes not just one solo by Buffalo Bill, but two (“Are You About a Size 14?” and “Put the Fucking Lotion in the Basket”). Warped and funny.

  3. Max, we need to talk.

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