The Revolution Must Be Gingrichized


A bit of gleeful archive-emptying from The Weekly Standard: A typically hysterical 1995 column from Arianna Huffington, talking about the "moral imperative" for Newt Gingrich to run for president, in order to "articulate the vision of the revolution."

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  1. So, why did she switch sides? I can understand her former hubby switching politically after doing so sexually, but why her?

  2. She switches sides every few years or so. It’s what she does.

  3. Read What prompted the transformation in my political thinking.

    Or, speaking as an amateur pop psychologist, maybe she associated the prior way of thinking with that bit about Michael, and she wanted to get as far away from that as possible.

    Or, maybe she did it because she wanted to fit in with all the other limousine liberals in Brentwood.

    Or, maybe it was just a calculated attempt to sell more books and get her column in more papers.

  4. I read the memoirs of Ed Rollins, who managed Michael Huffington’s campaign for US Senate. He says Huffington gives empty shirts a bad name, and claimed the Senate campaign was totally Arrianna’s idea.
    I got the impression from that & other sources, that Arrianna’s right-wing friends got tired of her, or did not look to her for leadership, so she went elsewhere in search of praise or followers.
    I mean no disrespect, but I don’t expect her to get more than 7% of the vote, as the media devotes full time to pumping up Arnold.

  5. Like lint to the lint filter, so to Arianna to “liberalism.”

  6. Like lint to the lint filter, so too Arianna to “liberalism.”

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