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Ruben Bolling sums it up.

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  1. Hilarious, yet oh so true. A good way to end the day. Thanks for that.

  2. Nice! But, why did they change sides at the end??

  3. It’s like Monopoly, you get to be both the monopolist and the oppressed consumer, depending on the roll of the dice and which card you pull.

  4. I love political cartoons! It’s amazing that a drawing can cause so many mixed emotions among different people. If your local paper has a really good cartoonist, then half of the letters to the editor either praise or scorn his or her work.

    Lookie here:

    At this site, you can see what political cartoonists from around the world are saying.

  5. Oops! Forgot to give credit where it’s due:

  6. Glad to see we’re all reenacting the cartoon…

    And Warmonger is kicking whit’s pansy ass all around the board.


    Can you believe that there were MANY MANY reasons to go to war and that MOST of these have been justified? FUnny funny, but InternationalANSWER is still the biggest joke.

  8. That cartoon was supposed to be funny? I guess I need a humor transplant.

  9. Can you believe Warmonger that almost NONE of the reasons to go to war have been justified? Now isn’t that funny?

  10. ho ho ha har Whit, you so funny. Yeah nothing was acomplished — no stopping genocide, no dead warmongering dictators, no changing the power strucuture of the ME in our favor, no peace process in Isreal/Palistine, Syria and Iran are not cracking down on terror, no beginnings of demorcay in Iraq, no chance to purchase oil from people other than the Saudis, the Saudis are not being investigated and we wouldn’ve know 100% for sure Saddam didn’t have WMDs since he was being honest with the inspectors —- toooo funny! You should be on Comedy Central with that bit!

  11. SAT scores are up and Atari is coming out with a bitching new game system, too. Should we be counting those as benefits of the war as well? They have about as much relation to Bush’s stated objectives as much of your list.

  12. Glad to see we’re all reenacting the cartoon…

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