Using Progressive Law = Coup


From an anti-recall letter to key Democrats, from California Labor Federation Executive Secretary Art Pulaski:

United we will defeat this ultra-conservative coup attempt.

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  1. Politics = partisan stupidity

  2. Such hypocrites. (They wrote the law.)

  3. What, progressives guilty of hyporcrisy? Unheard of!

  4. Are they hypocrispy as well? Mmmm…I’m hungry. HypoCrispies – Now With Rainbow Marshmellow Gray Davis busts!…yuuuumm!

    Gotta love using words solely out of the hope of capturing their connotation and emotional reaction, without the least regard for their actual meaning. De rigeurre…or something similarly spelled.

  5. If this is indeed a coup, leave it to California to make it legal!!

  6. Bad, bad politics, and a sure way to isolate voters. Like so many hysterical political messages, this one can’t possibly have been thought through.

    Really, this is an amazing form of narcissism: I feel this way, so I’ll spew it out into the world without restraint. And everyone will fall into line, because I want them to.

  7. hyporcrisky

    Um .. hi! porc-risky?

    (Yup, too risky to lose all that porc.)

  8. “Three words, Larry: United. States. Senators. South Dakota gets one per household.”

    Those two households in SD are pretty well represented.

  9. How about a Democratic Pres getting hit by sexual harrasment lawsuits. Or, for that matter, the same Pres getting pinged on for campaign finance violations.

  10. Or, how about a Dem Pres getting investigated by a special prosecuter. What goes around comes around.

    The House Un-American Activities Committee was set up to investigate fascists back in the 30s, but became famous investigating Nazis during the 50s.

  11. Opps, I meant Communists.

  12. Oh man, they could at least put quotes around coup. California Democrats: zero to shrieking hysterics in 3.6 seconds.

  13. Sort of reminds me of Common Cause and the League of Women Voters stumping for campaign finance reform to get all those nasty (conservative) political action committees out of politics.

    Here in Texas the Republicans, having a majority in both houses of the Legislature for the first time since Reconstruction, are in a special session to redistrict the state. Democrats are screaming bloody murder and pointing fingers, acusing Republicans of (Gasp!) Gerrymandering.

    It seems that despite a clean Republican sweep at the state level in the 2002 election, a judicially-drawn map resulted in a Texas Congressional delegation that is still tilted Democrat.

  14. Three words, Larry: United. States. Senators. South Dakota gets one per household.

  15. The recall election does not make California the laughing stock of the nation. There are lots of other reasons for that, such as the endless referendums, petty with a prior sentencing allowing 25 to life for stealing a piece of pizza, child support laws that allow the non-father to owe support…oh the list goes on. The recall is alright, it is just Californian’s all caught up with their own importance.

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