Barnstormers in Space


Johnathan Briggs profiles an assortment of D.I.Y. engineers striving for the X Prize: $10 million for the first privately funded voyage to the edge of outer space. They remind me a bit of the old Association of Autonomous Astronauts—except some of these folks might actually make it.

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  1. Well, the only they would do is launch sattelites into space; at this point that is the only thing that is remotely profitable, despite all the yahoo about making “factories in space” and such supported by the Reagan administrion, et. al.

  2. There might be a market for private research and souveniers too: sample-return missions from nearby asteroids, etc. If costs can be reduced like they hope then there could be a lot of universities who want to run research projects.

  3. I said lunch, not launch!

  4. Will the AAA pay for the tow if I get a flat tire on Mars?

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