When Stars Collide


Controversial web writer Luke Ford conducts an interesting interview with the Manhattan Institute's Heather MacDonald.

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  1. Interesting I guess — she’s rather lame — Luke isn’t. perhaps you put up the interview because she mentions you as being smart and stuff — which you are but…her article saying people shouldn’t protest the war and march in the streets because cops are strapped for cash and should be all focused on terrorism instead — just to mention one article beyond the pale — not only is this wrong, but most protests have way to many cops at them anyways — 1-2 cops per 1000 people isright for most crowds — 1000 cops per 2000 protestors equal cops getting easy overtime — she fits right in at the Manhattan Institute.

    Have a good weekend everybody…


  2. Actually, I’d guess that Luke put in that parenthetical, not her … and I wouldn’t-a posted it if I had remembered.

  3. I really enjoyed the interview – it was a view
    into a part of the chattering classes that I
    do not interact with. What struck me was how
    different her social environment is from mine.


    Jeff Smith

  4. I hate people who enjoy talking about themselves. Really, I do.

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