Reader Rex Stetson heps us to the news that Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) will be blogging over the August recess as he road trips around South Dakota. His first post on the blog Travels with Tom went up yesterday. Money quote:

"My staff told me a while back about a blog," Daschle said. "I learned a new word. … This new blog concept appealed to me."

I suspect the next new word the senator learns will be "fisking." I hope he finds the concept appealing.

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  1. Grammer and puntuation are over-rated. Just need pauses in the right places to make things flow.

  2. I, also, am (sigh) deeply saddened by this development .. it’s just so, well, disappointing..

  3. Where is the comment section?

  4. “We can use this new medium to socialize everything comrade!!”

  5. I’m sure it will be dreadful. Along the lines of eric and Wyrmi’s posts above. Thankfully, we won’t have to tune in….

  6. I bet he uses a ghost blogger

  7. I don’t think he’s going to writing a blog. He’s going to be writing a BLAHg.

  8. erf:


    blogger, heal thyself

  9. Hmmm …. doesn’t seem to be up just now.

    Maybe he was overwhelmed with positive
    responses … or maybe not.


  10. I am saddened, deeply saddened that you vast right-wing conspirators aren’t taking me seriously.

  11. “Grammer” may be over-rated, but good “grammar” aids clarity.

  12. Kinda reminds me of the same naivete and ignorance the first President Bush exhibited when expressing his astonishment with the technology behind price scanners during a stop at a local supermarket. The press had a field day showing how out of touch he was with the average American by repeating the same damnable lie about how it was the “worst economy in fifty years”. As a top Nazi minister observed;”Repeat a lie often enough and it become true”.

  13. The folksy tone in the partisan Argus-Leader belies the real story. Namely, Daschle has been eviscerated by the Dakota Alliance of Bloggers (SouthDakotaPoltics.com, sibbyonline, gregbelfrage, et al.) Thus, this is Steve Hildebrand’s attempt (think Rasputin) to staunch the flow of vital fluids from Daschle’s body politic.

  14. “As a top Nazi minister observed; ‘Repeat a lie often enough and it become true’.”

    Yeah. Like the claim Bush was astonished by price scanners at a supermarket.

    Former President Bush went to the National Grocer’s Association conference. There he stopped by the NCR booth, where he showed polite interest in a new-model scanner. The AP pool reporter (from the Houston Chronicle) filed a routine story on this.

    A reporter for the NY Times took the mention in the AP story and twisted it into the claim that Bush was amazed by a grocery scanner. Editorial writers then took that distorted story to make even more distorted political claims, and then the public retellings went even further from the truth.

    The full story is available from the urban legend debunkers at Snopes

  15. You’ll find more on Tom Daschle and why he has taken up blogging at http://southdakotapolitics.blogspot.com

  16. Good call Warmongering Lunatic, as I was going to post the same point upon reading that post.

    The New York Times should be declared an epa superfund site for toxic information pollution and bulldozed, and concreted over for however long it takes for the myths emanating from that edifice to burn out. If the “reporters and editors” make it out, thats ok, as long as they have “worked at NYT” branded to thier foreheads… IMHO (regards to Mrs. Coulter)

  17. Newt asks: “Where is the comment section?”


    Dash-hole inviting anyone to criticize him? Surely you jest. (But thanks for the laugh.)

  18. I love the fact that he’s focusing his driving around tour on the subject of health care. Translation: we’re going to be subjected to a bunch of boring, sad anecdotes.

  19. c-span showed Tom driving around SD last year..at this time..

  20. Tom can thank his buddy Al for inventing the Internet, thereby enabling him to blog.

  21. This should be fun.

  22. Tom Daschle?

    Blogging about travels around South Dakota?

    So they are offering sedatives online now, are they?


  23. One nice thing about blogs by elected officials and others who have an interest in looking respectable is that they at least try to keep to standard rules of puncuation, grammar and spelling, unlike many bloggers who render their own posts unintelligible.

  24. well, it will be interesting to see if he can blog about real life issues – or if he’ll be drawn (as I’m certain he will be) into blogging / interpreting every event thru “donkey colored glasses…

  25. I’m saddened and disappointed by this news.

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