The Only Other Recalled Governor


That would be Lynn Frazier, North Dakota Progressive and Nonpartisan League champion, back in 1921. Colby Cosh has details.


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  1. Curious that Frazier’s “progressive” leanings would make him so unpopular. Modern-day North Dakota is a very left-wing state; (Senator) Byron Dorgan is probably as far to the left as Frazier ever was.

  2. Can someone explain to me why North Dakota, South Dakota and Montanta can go so overwhelmingly for the Republican candidate for President and then turn around and send Daschle, Johnson, Dorgan, Baucus, Conrad (Kent, not Burns) to the Senate?

    1. Burns was real conservative and anti-free trade. It was his position on Canadian beef imports that did him in.

  3. Lynn Frazier as Governor of North Dakota signed the recall law that enabled his opponents to recall him. Let that be a lesson!
    While he was the only Governor voted out in a recall election, Arizona voters in 1991 qualified a recall election for Governor Edwin Mecham. However, the legislature impeached Mecham before a vote could be held.

  4. Having been born and lived in North Dakota. I must say its a world all on to itself. Very very conservative, very slow moving, Sunday shopping only been in place a few years, lotto just approved this year. Its all that Russian-German influence that was introduced into the are in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s

  5. RE: why North Dakota’s citizens elect Repulican
    state officals and Democratic Congressmen. With
    so much of our economy coming from agriculture,
    we would elect the devil if he could bring home
    more bacon! The Democrats have always had a
    handle on bringing home the most tax dollars for
    our citizens. I would have to beleive that alot
    of the retired people also vote democratic because
    of the benefits that they reap from the federal
    government. What I can’t understand is how they
    sleep at night with the all the liberal policy
    that these congressman have voted for. This state
    is very conservative, but it would appear that the
    wallet overrides the conscience.

  6. DO you call them recalled even if it wasnt sucessful,because if Fraizer was the only one sucessfully recalled what about Drogan and the 2 govenors of nevada?

  7. I have to do a term paper on the Recall of Gov Frazier and Gov Davis. I need to know about the issues surrounding Fraziers recall.
    If you can help, please email me at
    Thank you

  8. I have write a term paper to compare the recall of California’s governor and the recall of Gov. Lynn Frazier of N. Dakota.

    any help please would be greatful.

  9. I am trying to find the name of the govenor that arived in ND on the imigrent train

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