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Amid all the tributes to the late and sometimes great Bob Hope, I'm glad someone has bothered to profile the people who actually wrote his jokes.

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  1. A nice article, I thought. A “feel good” kind of thing.

    Bob Hope is special to me in at least one major way – he seems to be the only celebrity to have died that I didn’t get really damn tired of hearing about. I’ve complained about shuttles blowing up and airplanes crashing, but this one I don’t feel the least bit annoyed by.

    Maybe I’ve just grown different and am now ever so more understanding, and as such rather indifferent, to the nature of the media and human behavior, or maybe I’m just similar enough to Bob, at least in how I’d like to be, that I kind of liked him – or at least don’t so much mind hearing about him and/or his life and death, because it would at least seem that one could say “I wish more people were like Bob Hope”.

  2. Bob Hope delivered the absolute LAMEST one liners. The only time he was remotely funny was playing opposite Bing Crosby in the ‘Road’ movies. Writing jokes for Bob Hope is hardly a resume builder.

  3. It’s not the writers a comedian make. It was his great delivery that set him apart, I think.

  4. A great Welsh-American!RIP,Mr. Hope.

  5. Bob Hope was a class act in every sense of the word. If the Good Lord does decide to make an appearance on this planet again, at least She’ll have someone to warm up the room. God speed.

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