F Bombs Away


The Smoking Gun has just posted what its editors are sure will be their favorite legal document of the year: a motion to dismiss a misdemeanor case against a high school kid who allegedly called his principal a "fucker," among other things. The document includes, among other things, a history of the term and "a chart comparing Google results for the 'F' word and other all-American terms like mom, baseball, and apple pie."

{apologies that the link was omitted in the original post.}


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  1. What, no links? You expect me to type the address in the bar like a schmuck? Nuthin’ doin’.

  2. You forgot the link. I found the story at http://thesmokinggun.com/archive/fword1.html

    You’re welcome.

  3. Now I have to copy and paste?!?
    Forget you, man!

  4. BTW, don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but Bob Hope is dead. You might have heard of him, he was some kind of entertainer, I think.
    (Sarcasm isn’t easy to convey in a blog)

  5. Who threw the chum in these snark infested waters?

  6. While skimming the lawyer’s brief, I felt as if I was browsing a survey on the decline and fall of late 20th century performing arts culture.

  7. The lawyer provides one hell of an argument. Based on the content, the case needs to be dismissed.

  8. “However, shouting ‘Fuck!’ in a crowded theater does not present a clear and present danger to anyone….”

    Perhaps the funniest single statement in the entire brief.

  9. Nope, my favorite is: Literally millions of Fucking recordings have been distributed by national recording artists …

  10. Damn! You beat me to it, Citizen.

    Or should I say, “Fuck! You beat me to it, Citizen”?

    That brief is fucking awesome. I hope some law firm hires this guy…

  11. My favorite is on the last page:
    “Fuck is certainly a controversial word that may be appropriate in certain venues and locales (Florida Elections Commission,. . . )”
    Fuck yeah.

  12. That brief is fucking hilarious.

  13. Ach! Show yer true form Gelden! Lest Ye be AFRAID!

  14. That was wonderful! I especially liked the multiple uses of the word, as noun, verb, adjective, etc.

    The best I’ve ever read was by climber and writer, Greg Childs. In describing climbers lack of social skills at altitude while dealing with a piece of faulty gear, he writes, “This fucking fucker is fucking fucked!”

  15. Some law clerk now has one fucking great writing sample.

  16. What’s the big fuckin deal, bitch?

    fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

  17. Frenk, I was not referring to the use of the f-bomb per se, just that the artists offered by the brief writer to be representative of a cultural trend were so horrible as to be depressing, i.e., Eminem, Lenny Kravitz, Andrew Dice Clay, Eddie Murphy.

    Sir Georg Solti used “fuck” alot. Toscanini reportedly once yelled at a musician in rehearsal: “God is telling me how the music should sound, and you’re fucking standing in the way!!”

  18. First, I gotta say that this motion is just brilliant. Eric Vanatta is obviously some sort of twisted genius.

    For Jayson Gilligan: if you think “fuck” is a 20th c. phenomenon, you should check out the OED entry on “fuck, v.” There are lots of examples of “fuck” going back to the beginning of the 16th c., including many from poetry.

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