Ceci N'est Pas un Pistolet


The Secret Service harasses a cartoonist—for a pro-Bush cartoon. Seems it included the image of a gun pointed at the president.

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  1. The chick that wrote that article is hot.

  2. No, she’s not – she’s a blithering idiot.

  3. Just curious about how long it took Jesse to get the Freedom word for “pistol”.
    While I’m at it, I’d like to note that in the Clever Title 500, Jesse Walker leads Julian Sanchez by a nose.

  4. While I’d like to claim I remembered the word from my seventh-grade French, in fact I relied on Babelfish for the translation. Took a couple of minutes. Isn’t technology grand?

  5. Ha! I knew it!
    I really do like your titles, though.
    BTW, when I said Julian Sanchez, I meant Matt Welch.

  6. Also Jesse, I believe the language is called “Freedom” or, if you will, “Frog”.
    The SS will be out to see you later today.

  7. Ramirez and Henry Payne are the only cartoonists that are not brain dead. The rest of them though. . .

    Jim Walsh,
    She is physically attractive to even a blind man, you’re ideology seems a little out of kilter if your eye sight is so impaired by it.

  8. She’s easy on the eyes, true; I just can’t imagine letting her touch me.

  9. evilcor;

    As intelligent and classy as I?ve seen her to be, I don?t think you have to worry about her touching you anytime soon.

  10. I think I deserve to be capitalized.
    Big ‘E’vilcor.
    P.S. All women want me. . . I’m just that good.

  11. I read the LA Times everyday, and Michael Ramirez is such a Bush League hack that it is embarrassing. His cartoons should be investigated for bad taste, but a note to the Secret Service – Mr Ramirez is not a danger to anyone who can think for themselves.

  12. Ramirez is a free-market conservative drawing for the LA Times, a liberal newspaper and you, a regular reader of said paper thinks he’s a hack.

    No news there I suppose but to call him ?Bush League? (ignoring the pun) is to compare him unfavorably with the rest of editorial cartoondom.

    In reality and in contrast to your opinion, Michael Ramirez is one of the biggest and most respected names in the world of editorial cartooning. This actually means something as the editorial ?toon industry is blatantly and admittedly liberal and yet he receives a great deal of respect.

  13. Well, at least now, thanks to the Secret Service, I finally understand what that cartoon was about. I couldn’t figure it out at first. Bush needs Iraq like he needs a hole in the head? Iraq is Bush’s Vietnam? Bush is behaving like a Viet Cong? Now it’s all very clear.

  14. “In reality and in contrast to your opinion, Michael Ramirez is one of the biggest and most respected names in the world of editorial cartooning.”

    Try again.

    There’s one who is bigger; certainly more respected (and much better): http://www.russmo.com/

  15. Dear Secret Service Provider,

    The proper way to harass brain-dead political cartoonists is to visit message boards they read and post your commentary there. BTW, expect some fun out of this process from us, your loyal public. Post your replies to the subject here. Your favorite Ted Rall visits on occasion.


    You SS guys really are assholes. Do I need to spoon feed you this?

  16. Ray & Pete – quit being so fucking juvenile.

  17. Ray & Pete – or at least get a room.

  18. Anon

    Foul language and an anonymous post is mature?

    Get a grip, it’s a short lived forum designed for goofing off. And we’re talking about comics for goodness sake.

    Get off the computer and get a life.

  19. Pete,

    You’re wrong.

    I went to your cartoon link and this guy stinks.

    He’s a self published hack on the political fringes, a no-name.

    Ramirez is a multiple award winning cartoonist for the LA Times.

    Regardless of whether or not you like the guy, the statement you took umbrage with was how “big and respected” the guy’s name was.

    I could excuse your guy’s lack of artistic talent if his wit wasn’t so dull. The key to cartooning success is the idea after all but this guy really stinks on both counts.

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