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CNN has denied a report cited here last week. The network's statement: "It is entirely untrue that CNN declined to air a video tape purporting to show an attack by agents of the Iranian regime on students in their dormitory. CNN was never offered such a tape, does not know if such a tape exists, does not have an office in Iran and never has."


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  1. Okay, let’s forget the whole thing and go Bambi hunting.

  2. That is a pretty ambiguous response. What is CNN hiding?

  3. @12:33,

    Because Myanmar isn’t about to build nuclear weapons, and Myanmar (to my knowledge) hasn’t declared itself to be in a state of holy war against the great satan recently.

    Besides, who cares about the middle east? We’ve got Kobe and Scott Peterson to worry about.

  4. Well, they’re definitely sitting on something- I have heard next to nothing about the Iranian democracy protests, the vigilante reprisals, etc. This should be “front page material”, if only because the lefties could say “look! we told you invading Iraq would create political instability in the region!!” Why political instability in a region dominated by theocratic totalitarianism would be a *bad* thing necessarily, sounds at best like “glass half empty” thinking, if not anti-democratic.

  5. Rex: I agree. Why is it that dissent in this country is viewed by the press as holy to the point that any consequences one might suffer from expressing it is a cause for horror and much wringing of hands, but it is perfectly OK for third-world Islamic theocracies to suppress dissent in the most violent ways possible

  6. Just the fact that Queen Elizabeth II is the true head of . . . wait a minute, sorry, wrong thread.

  7. Why aren’t the protests in Myanmar (former Burma) frontpage news in the US on a daily basis? Because Americans, like most nationalities, don’t give a shit about foreign news. There is nothing sinister about this.

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