Stamping Out Error


Bespectacled Sandinista bumbler Daniel Ortega has requested forgiveness from the Catholic Church for his government's "errors." No word on whether he asked blessed Mary, ever virgin, all the angels and saints, and you, his brothers and sisters, to pray for him, but Papal Nuncio Cesar Garcia Magan says the sincerity of Ortega, whose party also hopes Nicaragua's voters will be more forgiving in 2006 than they have been in the past, should be presumed.


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  1. That’s the problem of redemption. Paul Simon worked on that in _The Capeman_; and there’s a transcription of an interview at and real audio at (3.6mb big)

    He goes into the for and against from various people’s perspectives, for a released murderer. The last (and cut) song Trailways Bus I particularly like: the last stanza

    But he can’t leave his fears behind,
    He recalls each fatal thrust
    The screams carried by the wind,
    Phantom figures in the dust

    There’s a word not said that’s alluded to, that would have won his redemption for him. Tears. Wordsworth did the same thing in “Lucy.”

  2. Will Danny Boy give back all the property he and his cohorts confiscated and kept, after they lost the election, as their price for not opposing the new government?

  3. Remember: right wing death squad regimes are “authoritarian,” and only need a little love, kindness, and military aid to become beacons of democracy. But leftist revolutionary regimes are “totalitarian,” and can never, ever reform or become democratic.

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