Michael Moore, Actor


Kay Hymowitz pens a thorough, critical City Journal essay about the man from Flint.


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  1. Great essay, shitty formating.

  2. Hey Lefty, why don’t ya give us some examples?

  3. I meant, I don’t like how narrow the column was.

  4. How amusing! The author of “Stupid White Men” who spends all his time pretending to be an ordinary plebian is really a wealthy Manhattanite with expensive tastes. And is, himself, a stupid white man.

  5. There are several stupid white men out here who, after they started making a little money, remember where they came from.

  6. how about a surfing/high tech car show starring michael moore and david hasslehoff — something to be big in europe?

    the paragraphs exposing his staged “dr strangelove absurd” scenes is telling. it’s a great antidote. this guy is awful. lefties forget about him when the complain of right wing media. to be sure, he’s not a talk show kind of guy, but then again, bill o.r. isn’t a film type. can we lock both in a room and throw away the room?

    but it’s nice to be a part of the “large, nefarious powers… set on destroying him”

    and selecting “print article” opens a window with better, wider formatting.

    happy friday,

  7. You mean the essay has substance, not style while its target has style, not substance?

    Ironic, that.

  8. I thought the essay had style. I think Moore is a blowhard. Can’t wait for his new flick, though. The lies, and half-truths help my low blood pressure.

  9. Well, based upon the way Moore treats his employees, I’d say HE doesn’t remember HIS working ground background all too well . . .

  10. interesting to note, that even though he’s 50 something, he looks and thinks like the comic book guy from the Simpsons, only without having as much purpose in life.

    seeing his name as an Eagle Scout must be a misprint though. i’m an Eagle Scout and i promise none of my ilk in that regard agree with him.

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