July 23


Beirut's Daily Star remembers that July 23, the date on which Udai and Qusai died, was once celebrated as Nasserite Egypt's National Day. It commemorated the fall of Egypt's monarchy, "an event that infused the entire Arab world with hope that bold new leadership would sweep the region." Instead, Nasser led the Arab world to disaster. The editorial continues,

With any luck, Arab history reached a genuine turning point on Tuesday and what comes next will be fundamentally different from that which went before. There is no more convincing argument for radical reform than the economic, moral, political and social bankruptcy of the Arab ruling class. Saddam?s sons represented a new generation that thankfully failed to follow in its predecessor? footsteps. Their demise offers a chance for legitimate leadership to take root, not just in Iraq but elsewhere in the Arab world as well.

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  1. Keep on dreaming.

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  6. Ballsy editorial from the editors of the Daily Star. Good to toast them before they’re toast.

  7. Croesus has a point. After all, the entire arc of Muslim nations running from Pakistan to Egypt was in the middle of an economic, cultural, and political renaissance before the Americans overthrew the Dear Leader of Iraq. All the trends were running in the right direction – their economies were improving, schools and hospitals were going up, elections were being held, women were being freed from centuries of bondage, radical theocrats were being driven from nation after nation, olive branches were being exchanged all around. And the simplisme Americans have put a stop to all that.


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